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Caterpillar’s Self–Guided Vehicle
(VNR Version)

Caterpillar's Self-Guided Vehicle

Client: Sandler Films, Inc./Caterpillar Industrial, Inc.

Distributor: Caterpillar Industrial, Inc.

Running Time: 8 minutes

Audience: Fortune 500 executives

Description: Media promotion of Caterpillar's line of robotic, self-guided material moving vehicles.

Osceola Heritage Park Gala Grand Opening Video

Osceola Heritage Park Gala Grand Opening Video

Client: Osceola Heritage Park

Distributor: AIMS Multimedia, Inc.

Running Time: 20 minutes

Audience: Florida State & Local VIPs

Description: i. karumbah wrote the video and live show for the VIP Gala Grand Opening celebration of a $90 million regional sports, entertainment, education, and community events complex. Used as publicity/PR at the event and later as a promotional hand-out video to potential clients of the complex.

“The Gala Grand Opening video was great — it got a standing ovation! To bring you on as our scriptwriter was perhaps the best decision we made. Thank you for your efforts and I look forward to working with you again.”

— Robb J. Larson, Director of Sales and Marketing
Osceola Heritage Park

Rippe Health Assessment at Celebration Health

Client: Independent Pictures/Florida Hospital

Distributor: Florida Hospital

Running Time: 10 minutes

Audience: Corporate Executives

Description: Infomercial–style promotional video for Celebration Health, a premier executive health screening program.

Cubic Balance Golf Infomercial

Client: Independent Pictures

Distributor: National Television

Running Time: 45 minutes

Audience: US Television Audience

Description: Infomercial sales pitch for the Cubic Balance Easy Air zirconium titanium fairway wood golf club.