Shamu TV

TV Guide selected one of our Emmy award winning Shamu TV episodes, Habitat Is Home, as its "Best Bets for Kids" — the first ever Best Bets listing for an Animal Planet show.

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This partial list of our reviews includes only programs on which we performed one or more of the primary creative functions: Writer, Director, Producer, & Film Editor.

All programs are currently distributed worldwide on Video, Film, CD-ROM, DVD, Laserdisc, & Internet Video-On-Demand.

AIDS and Kids: The Whitney Project

“This exceptionally well-done video helps teach young people to have compassion for people with HIV/AIDS. When members of a sixth grade class in Pecos, New Mexico learned about a girl their age in Illinois who has AIDS, they wanted to help. The students became pen pals with young Whitney Williams, showering her with friendly letters, handmade cards, videotaped greetings, and a handmade "living quilt." The students even launched a successful campaign to bring Whitney to Pecos for a visit. Emotional statements from Whitney convey how much the students' support has meant to her. Students and teachers at Pecos also speak of their association with Whitney and what it has taught them about compassion, sharing, understanding, courage, hope, and survival.”

— Compassion Books

A Vision for Kissimmee

“Through my job as Grant Administrator for the Department of State’s Historic Preservation Community Education Grants, I have been fortunate to review numerous projects that educate about historic preservation. The City of Kissimmee ’s video, A Vision for Kissimmee, is by far the best example of a city’s efforts to bring the benefits of historic preservation to its citizens. This is a video I will turn to when potential grantees ask for suggestions about community education projects that will inform their citizens about the restoration of historic structures.”

— Mary E. Rowley, Bureau of Historic Preservation, Florida Department of State

Alcohol ... Drugs ... and Kids

“The teens are extremely articulate in discussing their problems and giving warning to viewers ... A strong point of the program is that it addresses the feelings of invincibility which young people tend to have.”

— School Library Journal

“ ... the film quality is good, and the case situations are realistic. The film easily allows for class discussion since each case emphasizes different causes and offers a variety of viewpoints.”

— American Association for the Advancement of Science

“With believable portrayals and a focus on saying no, this helpful program appeals to a young audience.”

— Booklist, American Library Association

Harassment in the Workplace: Management Awareness

“A good, solid communicative presentation of good practice. Lots of taking off points, believable situations, believable people. Managers were superior.”

— Eris Enterprises

Armed Robbery: Prepare to Survive

“This practical, no-nonsense production featuring recreated scenarios and a concerned narrator/host provides helpful guidelines to business owners ... a superb offering for serving small business owners and employees.”

— Booklist, American Library Association

The Chinese Way of Life

“This informatively structured overview glimpses changes in both rural and urban Chinese life ... for school and public libraries.”

— Booklist, American Library Association

“A good acquisition for school and public libraries.”

— Library Journal

Circulation of the Blood

“Effective animated diagrams show how blood circulates oxygen and nutrients and removes carbon dioxide and water through a network of vessels.”

— Booklist, American Library Association

Respecting Each Other: Sexual Harassment Prevention

“Excellent video for children on learning to respect others and to learn about gender issues.”

— Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault

DUII: The Price Is Too High

“Approaches one of the nation’s most serious problems from a unique direction – the pocketbook ... This well-paced film addresses important issues in an interesting, informative manner.”

— School Library Journal

“Responsible suggestions for drinkers to follow round out this program, well-suited to both illegal and legal drivers tempted to drink and drive.”

— Booklist, American Library Association

Dolphins: Our Friends from the Sea

“The anatomy, physiology, and activities of the dolphin are described in a very good animated sequence. The film's excellent narration is appropriate for elementary school children ... ”

— American Association for the Advancement of Science

Recreational Safety

“Conveys vital safety advice for both novice and veteran outdoor enthusiasts.”

— Booklist, American Library Association

Heat: Molecules in Motion (2nd Edition)

“Animation is used effectively to illustrate the main points...The narrator speaks both to the audience and to the characters in the film, which works well. This film correctly and effectively presents science and would be an excellent introduction to the topic of heat.”

— American Association for the Advancement of Science

Mass and Density: Investigating Matter

“The film uses excellent graphics and examples, in a step-by-step process to show the relationships among mass, volume and density. Problem-solving techniques are presented quite well.”

— American Association for the Advancement of Science

Newton’s Laws of Motion: Demonstrations of Mass, Force, and Momentum

“The actual physics that is being taught is clearly stated, and the demonstrations are well chosen. Students will like the film and find it helpful in understanding Newton’s laws.”

— American Association for the Advancement of Science

Drugs, Alcohol, and Your Body

“Very factual and entertaining.”

— Substance Abuse Council

Animals of the African Plains

“Excellent photography and good information.”

— Houston Independent School District