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i. karumbah Creates Multiple Assets for Self-Help Information Product, Its Launch, and Sales Campaign

Orlando, Florida – June 1, 2009 – i. karumbah delved deeply into the desperate world of predatory short-term lending to research and develop a product designed to help people break free of payday loans.

Working with our production partner, Skystorm Productions in Lake Mary, Florida, i. karumbah created a multi-part self-help information product for nationwide consumer release by infopreneur client, Progressive Loan Assistance.

The combination instructional video/workbook product—branded by i. karumbah as Real Payday Loan Help—offers genuine, workable strategies for breaking free of the vicious cycle of payday loan debt.

“While most advertised offers of help turn out to be just another payday loan or consolidation trap, this product offers practical, step-by-step help and real hope,” says Renne Leatto, President of i. karumbah. “That’s why we created its simple, straightforward brand, Real Payday Loan Help. The people who need this help respond to the directness of the brand because they’ve been scammed by so many phony loan relief offers.”

i. karumbah played several key roles in the development and launch of this complex information product, says Vice President, Lee Sommie. “We wrote the script for the 44-minute instructional DVD and wrote and designed the 28-page workbook, which accompanies the DVD. But even before creating those products, we researched and designed the financial calculation forms and workflow of the system so that its intended audience—low-income borrowers trapped in an endless cycle of payday loans—could understand and use it.”

For the pre-launch campaign, i. karumbah wrote two direct response radio ads to drive traffic to Progressive’s related business, counseling services for payday loan holders. This hugely successful national radio campaign generated more than 1,500 new business leads in the first three weeks while reducing the cost-per-acquisition by 47%. i. karumbah then wrote the 2-minute direct response product infomercial script, for airing online and on TV.

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