company overview

company overview

Our Most FAQ: "Who ARE You?"

A Paradox ... inside an Enigma ... wrapped in a Tortilla ...

That’s i. karumbah. A creative agency that transcends the labels of Traditional Agency, versus Branding, versus Digital. If you need it, we supply it.

We’re your very own creative team!

We do everything a traditional ad agency can do and more, but at a fraction of the cost. If it has words, we write it. If it has moving images, we direct and produce it. If it adorns a website, print ad, label, or packaging, we design it.

We’re not one of the big boys, but we’re not kids working in our parents’ basement, either. We’re something in between. A boutique shop with world-class talent resources and the experience to stay on schedule and budget. The power of a Mastiff with the upkeep of a Chihuahua.

We work with some clients on an occasional, as-needed basis. For others, we serve as their virtual “in-house” creative team.

You decide, we provide.

Do you need a compelling copywriter? A production-savvy video scriptwriter? A direct response copywriter who drives sales? A graphic designer? Web Designer? Help creating your information product? Creative of any kind for sales, training, education, or consulting to enhance your web presence? Even a project manager for a creative team? We do it all.

Powered by the talent and experience of our founders,
i. karumbah also taps a rich pool of skills through relationships with creative professionals worldwide — an expandable staff offering infinite style and budget options.

Our pledge to all of our clients, large and small, is the same: innovative solutions, on-time/on-budget operations, professional integrity, and unique approaches to your creative needs.

Take a look at how we work for more details.

Check out our clients, portfolio, awards, raves, and reviews, and call or email us to discuss how we can make your goals a reality.