how we work

how we work

Our 20+ years of professional experience add up to more than creativity and technical skill. They mean clear policies, rigorous organization, and realistic planning for every project, every client.

Below, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about how we work with our clients:

Q:Who is i. karumbah and what do you do?

A:We’re your very own CREATIVE TEAM! We do everything a traditional ad agency can do and more, but at a fraction of the cost. If it has words, we write it. If it has moving images, we direct and produce it. If it adorns a website, print ad, label, or packaging, we design it.

Q:What kind of working arrangements do you make with your clients?

A:We work with some clients on an occasional as-needed basis. For others, we serve as their virtual “in-house” creative team. We’re here whenever you need us.

Q:What if I’ve never hired a professional writer or designer before? How will I know what to expect during the project?

A:When you hire i. karumbah, you know what to expect because we always create a project plan, even for the smallest projects. The plan will act as your map for all stages of your project’s development. It will say when we’ll need revision requests or approvals from you in order to move on to the next stage, and when you can expect confirmation about the completion of each stage.

Q:If I hire i. karumbah to write something, can you do the research, too?

A:We can research any subject from scratch for any type of project. We use libraries, the Internet, consultation with experts, and field research. We can even do market research to determine the best way to slant an ad, promotional script, VNR, or PR article for your target audience. However, if you already have the research on which you want your script or other document based, we can use what you have, supplementing it if necessary.

Q:What do you charge for your services? Do you charge by the hour?

A:That depends on the type of project. We usually charge a flat per-project fee for most writing projects because it helps our clients predictably work the cost into their budgets. For graphic design and interactive design and production projects, we charge by the hour but give an estimation of how many hours the project will be likely to require. The fees for film/video/TV production and communication management services depend on the needs and scope of the project and are budgeted individually for each unique situation.

Q:I have a tight deadline. How will I know you’ll be able to meet it on time?

A:It’s important that you communicate your critical dates and other project needs to us when we first talk. If we don’t think we can meet your deadline, we’ll tell you so and decline the project. But if we do commit to doing the project for you, we will contractually promise that we’ll get it done on time.

Q:That means we’ll sign a contract with you. Where do we get such a contract?

A:If you don’t have a contract that you routinely sign with creative service professionals, we can provide one. Our contracts are short, simple agreements that define and outline the work delivery commitments we are making to you and the commitment you are making to pay us for our efforts. The contract also includes a few other clauses, such as copyright and intellectual property rights ownership and our tax status as the Vendor. If you do want to use our standard contract, you are welcome to have a lawyer review it first.

Q:Will I own the copyright to any work you create for me?

A:Typically, in any work-for-hire arrangement, the client owns all copyrights and other intellectual property rights to all work generated by the writer, artist, etc. One reason we sign contracts with our clients is so that we can legally sign those rights over to you and you will have a contractual record of that rights transfer.

Q:Will I have to withhold taxes from the fees I pay to i. karumbah?

A:No. i. karumbah is an S Corporation and takes responsibility for paying its own taxes. You can pay us the way you pay any other vendor company with which you transact in a business-to-business relationship.

Q:What are the advantages of working with a legally-formed corporation rather than a non-incorporated, independent freelancer?

A:When you hire a non-incorporated freelancer, you run the risk of having the IRS question the status of that business relationship — whether or not they should consider the freelancer your employee and require you to pay social security taxes for that individual. But when you do business with a legal corporation, like i. karumbah, those questions do not arise.

Q:Does i. karumbah carry business insurance?

A:Yes. We carry full commercial liability coverage at all times and acquire short-term production insurance and errors and omissions policies when specific projects require them.

Q:Do you do all the work in-house or do you subcontract projects to other professionals?

A:We do all the work in-house unless a job is so big we need help in order to meet your deadline. Some large projects require us to hire a team of artists, writers, or multimedia designers and act as project managers. Regardless of the size of the project or the team, we guarantee the same superior quality work. For film and video production, we hire crews to support us but always act as scriptwriter, producer, and director.

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